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Monday, March 27, 2017

CoolUI 8.1 reborn for CP8676_I02 ( Note 3 )

*Customised by Kuber Sharma ( AlphaGeek​.)

This ROM is a minimised version of CoolUI and little improved..... Mainly made so that a user can himself/herself customize it with their own level of customization.

Disclaimer :-
Don't blame me if you do any mishap and if your device gets bricked i am not responsible.
before doing anything read everything properly and make proper backup.

Disclaimer to the sharers (/bloggers,  YouTuber etc ) :-
You are not allowed  to share direct download link-,  if you want to share then share the URL of this post and mention the credits properly.

*This ROM is a modified and improved version of CoolUI 8 so Fingerprint and VoLTE is working perfectly. This has the latest kernel as updated by Coolpad, Various Tweaks i have done in the rom to reduce the amount of lag originally occurred in CoolUI 8 as i cant fully remove them i have tried my best to reduce them.
*Working on CoolUI 8 is such a boring stuff that i have ever done as i noticed a lot of mess made by Coolpad in CoolUI 8.
*It has a lot of features so that's a plus point.
*I have replaced Stock - Crappy Apps with much better apps like the default Dialer , messages , Contacts is replaced with another app which is much better and fast compared to those by Coolpad
*Added Init.d tweaks to improve the background processes.
*Included various tweaks.
*Improved the Charging Time ( Note 3 Lite Only ) & in Note 3 its already good.
*Added a better LoGo in the Settings About section.
*Ram Swap have been added as the stock CoolUI itself is Ram Consuming.
*Added some prop tweaks for better Streaming​
*Removed all bloatwares
*Invented a new stuff ( secret ) to avoid any App Breakage.
*Fixed few Default CoolUI 8 bugs.
*VoLTE is pretty Stable and Good.
*Removed the preloaded old Google Apps and Updated them to new versions and included only CORE GOOGLE APPS.
*Included Xposed Installer - give it root permission  and install it manually 
*Includes a All in One Search app by my friend So Praveen Kumar ( Google Play account = ArunSoft )
*Now On Tap works.
*Google Assistant working ( hold home button and do set language to US English at Setup Wizard )
*RePacked Few System apps
*Design improvements in System UI , Settings etc
*Minimal CoolUI - only the core functionalities
*Light weight rom
*New TWRP 3.1.0-1 Comes comes inbuilt
*Latest core Partitions update also inbuilt.

*Can be upgraded from Lollipop also , or flashed from any Marshmallow or Nougat rom.

Note : When you flash the ROM you have battery uncalibrated so , drain it to 0 and switch off and charge to 100.

*Not Recommended*  but backup : System , Boot.img , NVRam , NVData and Logo if you want to avoid any mishap but if you follow all the steps properly you won't face any issue

How to Install:-
You require TWRP
Reboot to TWRP
Wipe System , Cache , Data , Dalvik
Flash CoolUI Reborn
Reboot to System

Note : If you are on CoolUI itself than DONT WIPE SYSTEM - rest all method is same.

Battery  drain after 15% 

(Fix:, dont charge above 80% )

Call logs are not recorded in Google Dialer
:it's a bug in app only and google will soon update the app with this bugfixed
(Fix: use some third party dialer)

I had faced some issues with File Manager so i had to stick with V7 Filemanager of coolui so renaming time the font is white
(Fix:use some 3rd party file manager)

Ques1:, Why i didn't included xposed by default? 
Ans:, the creator of Xposed - rovo89 himself has mentioned  the consequences of including it by default  go read that,  also many users don't want xposed so i gotta think about all. 

Ques2: Why i didn't replaced these apps to fix the issues?
Ans?2: it might have broken few system functions thats why i avoided them

Why i Modified and Customised the CoolUI and released this ROM?
Mainly because i don't like CoolUI 8.
One of my motivation was from Optimized Stock as it was pretty good by Shripal Jain and Team Innovative.
*And another major factor was that many new teams are launching a modified COOLUI so i thought to try my hands on it.


ZeroAddition kernel ( Custom kernel )
*Just flash after flashing roms:-

Patch (fix for cool Manager)

Xposed arm64 sdk23

Dolby Sound for MM

**ROM is rooted but in case you need SuperSU systemless zip to root any mm ROM in Coolpad note 3 or lite

Tweak like this as in Screenshots :-


Additional stuff ( not necessary )


AlphaGeek aka Kuber Sharma

ReaperGod aka Sam Grande

Amit Kumar Singh

Special thanks to Ashwani & Patrick
Special thanks to Shripal Jain for his efforts on the TWRP flashable CoolUI and his Optimized Stock 3.x.x based on CoolUI 8.0
Special thanks to Amit Kumar.
Special thanks to all Anonymous Mediatek Team members.

Want to contact me?,  here :

@kuberrocks96 ( AlphaGeek )

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